Writer Parfum

The story:
For a man who wears a velvet suit and a white shirt with ease and self-assurance,
whose sophisticated virility is tinged with a creative lightness.
WRITER PERFUME evokes romantic temperaments revealed through fine and creative
A perfume with a deep and unalterable character, which glides over the skin like a nib
on paper, without losing its intensity.
Italian citrus fruits reflect the coolness of a man who enjoys writing, combined with
lavender and green apple which are embellished with a luxurious Egyptian geranium.
Vetiver and its invigorating aroma adds a twist to this fragrance, suiting to perfection a
sharp and piquant mind with visionary ideas.
Radiating a unique magnetism, WRITER PERFUME is an uncompromising novel
encapsulated in an inky blue bottle. An olfactory experience that troubles the senses
where the boundaries are being pushed and dreams comes true.
Minimal and essential like a blank page, WRITER PERFUME underlines the magnetic
and implacable nature of this scholar for whom his natural power of seduction is



Olfactory pyramid

Top Notes: Lemon – Mandarin – Lavender
Heart Notes: Géranium – Elémi
Base Notes: Amber – Indonesian Patchouli – Vetiver