In a clear and pure sky rising above the city, an elegant metallic silhouette emerges. An electric, vertical urban landscape,
and the desire for freedom, infused their character into the sharp aesthetic of this eau de parfum inspired by those who
push back the limits and embrace the excitement of speed. It has the color of the horizon: Exuberant and dazzling,
comfortable and addictive, DRIVER invites you to live to the rhythm of a quest, and transports you on a thrilling olfactory
The bright and vibrant top notes of Red Apple and Olibanum, create an explosive and energetic opening like a dazzling
start on the asphalt that makes your pulse rise.
In the heart, a warm and comforting sensation takes over from this roaring bubble, thanks to a refined Rose accord,
harmonized by the sophisticated accents of Tuberose and Saffron, brushing the audacious spirit and the unwavering
confidence of those who get behind the wheel.
Then, gaining momentum, the base notes, captivating and extravagant, leave a memorable imprint: A modern accord of
Patchouli from Indonesia like the smell of clean skin heated by the sun. Evaporation reveals a deep blend of polished
Sandalwood boosted with leathered wood, gradually melting to leave a sensual trail.
DRIVER releases a bright and magnetic aura.
The DRIVER fragrance designed by master perfumer JULIEN PLOS is as captivating in form as it is in substance. Through
this creation, JULIEN PLOS, a daring perfectionist perfumer, materializes the idea of deconstructing and amplifying the
finest raw materials. Eager for innovation, this true inventor trained in Versailles, offers us a fragrance that embodies an
ultimate version of luxury, wearable every day. The idea of the wind blowing between the buildings, the energy of the city
dear to PLOS and the movement, are the common thread of this composition; Right down to the design of the bottle,
another particularity which gives

DRIVER its exceptional status: A innovative cap which becomes a metaphor for the
crunch of rubber on a tarmac, enhancing a sheathed glass case polished at high temperature in the Heinz factory in
Germany. An exceptional bottle conveying the values of exception, innovation and sustainability.
Invigorating and adventurous, DRIVER expresses all the complex and thrilling facets of a resolutely contemporary man
driven by the quest for an intense and sophisticated horizon



Top Notes: Red Apple – Olibanum
Heart Notes: Rose – Tuberose – Saffron
Base Notes: Leathered Wood- Indonesian Patchouli – Sandal Wood